In the third music video I made for Lana, she once again plays multiple roles – but this time with her band co-starring.

As convict ALAN, the key to freedom is slipped through the cell door by his vivacious alter ego LANA, but no sooner has Alan escaped than Lana leads the cops straight to his hideout. When he’s taken back to prison he realises the full deviousness of her plan: ESCAPEES WILL BE EXECUTED!


The video was shot on DV in a single studio location. We constructed sets for the main locations: the cell, the hideout, the prison van and the firing squad.

In the edit we composited our own footage into Creative Commons stock footage of 1930s prison movies and still images of prison walls, vans, doors and other elements. Finally we used Red Giant’s excellent ToonIt plugin to create the distinctive hand-animated rotoscoped look.

Written, Filmed, Edited and Directed by Nick Swinglehurst

Costumes supplied by Escapade of London

Stock footage courtesy of Prelinger Archives, Don Whitaker, and under Creative Commons.

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