Mum is fed up of her family’s lack of appreciation. So she decides to cook them a meal they will never forget… And this time there will be no leftovers.



By August 2009, I had been circulating my script for Leftovers for about 18 months and had worked through nine drafts with two other directors and two other producers. After several aborted production attempts, I felt the script was strong enough to fund personally.

The opportunity came up to make it as part of a two-film co-production (the other film was “Carma”) with Agitate Films ( in Stratford, London, UK.

The script had a few complications that made a co-production attractive and I had been looking for a project to bring to Agitate for some time. After discussing the script with Agitate’s MD Parm Singh, we pulled a budget together and started assembling the production.

I had previously worked with RED Director of Photography Dom Rippl ( and the remainder of the team was rapidly assembled through contacts and adverts.

Production support from Agitate quickly got together the cast and remaining crew in July, and we were well placed for the day of the shoot on August 22nd 2009.

The shoot day itself went smoothly and despite some sensitive stomachs to some of the more unpalatable content, everything went without a hiccup. So to speak.

Agitate Films and Scale Productions present

A Nick Swinglehurst Film


Caroline Langston

Philip Law

Samantha Bolter

Matthew Wells

Dyllan Lucey

1st Assistant Directtor – Hans Lucas

2nd Assistant Direction – Derek Laviniere

Production Assistants – Nush, Tania Galan

Script Supervisor – John Fahey

Script Consultants – Alex Norris, Parmjit Singh

Director of Photography – Dominik Rippl

Focus Puller – Matt Jenkins

Camera Assistant – Nelson Hanz

Gaffer – Stefan Lissner

Sound Recordist – Jay Rad

Stills Photographer – Parmjit Singh

Offline Editor – Guy Hellier

Online Editor – Nick Swinglehurst

Colourist – Alanna Krause

Composer – Edwin Sykes

Sound Post-Production – Nick Swinglehurst

Production Designer – Gemma Lines

Make Up & Hair – Sadie Olesker

Make Up & Hair Assistant – Mary Panwaskar

Food Design & Vomit Rig – Gemma Lines

Baby Wrangler – Stacey White

Production Catering – Nush, Parmjit Singh

Wardrobe Supplied by Rob of London,

Equipment supplied by Better Sounds

Facilities provided by Agitate Films

Thanks to

Lizz Brocklesby

Alanna Krause

Shelley Lang

Lucy Olesker

Production Manager – Derek Laviniere

Produced by Parmjit Singh for Agitate Films

Produced by Nick Swinglehurst for Scale Productions

Written and Directed by Nick Swinglehurst