Nick combines a creative sensibility with a broad base of film making skills which makes him an intelligent, quick thinking, confident and adventurous editor. He has helped to form some of Maverick’s most successful and creative pieces of work and we’d always have him work with us.

Will Jeffery, Managing Director, Maverick Media Ltd.

His technical skills and knowledge enable him to constantly innovate new ways of doing things and establish effective and efficient workflows. I have enjoyed working with Nick on several projects over the years and have found that his talent brings creative insight and exciting ideas to any project he is involved in.

Lucie Friar, Producer and Creative Manager, Maverick Media Ltd.

We have worked with Nick on various occasions and keep going back. He is extremely reliable, produces great quality, communicates excellently and inputs on a creative level. A pleasure to work with and takes the stress out of the job.

Brett Leboff, Managing Director, Monumental Music

He gets it straight away… I could leave Nick to produce the sort of product that I wanted, very efficiently and adhering to tight deadlines. He’s very flexible and professional, I would recommend his services to anyone.

Martina Johnson, Managing Director, StyleJunkies Ltd.

He saw many projects from inception through to completion and set the benchmark for video content in our organisation.

Del Dias, CEO, Art Empire Industries Ltd.

He really cares about what he does. If Nick were in London, I would have no hesitation in working with him again.

Chris Cartwright, Producer

Nick is a great editor… He adds a real creative edge that allows his work to stand out from the rest. His knowledge of storytelling further gives him an edge in a very competitive industry.

Alex Edwards, Director and CEO, Savvy Films