I gave a talk at NerdNite Wellington (@nerdnitewelly) on Monday about propaganda and film editing. The video’s now online here:

Many thanks to @teh_aimee and @chelfyn for arranging another awesome NN!

UPDATE: the fullscreen version of the Keynote presentation is here, with commentary recorded during a rehearsal: http://vimeo.com/26697596

Here’s the blurb:

Ever since we started recording people on film, another bunch of people have wanted to change that recording, to reframe and reinterpret its indelible truth into something that better serves the purpose of the filmmaker.

This process is film editing. Usually it’s a force for good – making complex arguments accessible, making protracted events succinct, or simply for making a dull story more compelling.

But the reversioning of the truth which is so intrinsic to editing, can be deceptive in the wrong hands. It started as a tool for propaganda and continues to manipulate audiences today.

In this talk, I demonstrate and explain some common tricks of the editing room – and make examples of some of their most nefarious abusers…